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Archives for August, 2018

Here's Why You Should Make Teatime Part of Your Daily Morning Work Routine
According to the FDA, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed and circulated within 30 minutes to an hour; its effect can last up to six hours. Coffee enhances the energy levels of your brain, improving concentration and memory retention, leading to better cognitive performance. However, while tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world, it's still considered coffee's overshadowed cousin in the United States. But there's nothing like a hot cup of tea to wake you up and help keep you going throughout the day. Here are just a few compelling reasons to schedule a quick daily teatime as part of your morning routine.
Coffee Guy, August 07, 2018
Why Get Coffee Delivered to Your Office? Here Are 3 Compelling Reasons
Coffee is an integral part of countless workers' morning routine. In fact, 54% of Americans over age 18 drink coffee every day. While some people make daily trips to expensive coffee shops to get their caffeine fix, others rely on office coffee services to deliver fresh coffee and reap the benefits of the beans. Aside from being convenient, getting office coffee delivered has countless advantages that most employers may not even think of. Here are just a few compelling reasons to invest in coffee delivery services.
Coffee Guy, August 09, 2018