When you choose American Coffee Services as your company's coffee provider, we provide you with rugged commercial coffee makers, free of charge. We offer a variety of coffee machines to accommodate the individual needs of our Office Coffee Service customers. From commercial single cup coffee makers to the traditional 12 cup decanter brewers, we carry quality machines that brew delicious coffee. We offer commercial coffee brewing equipment from manufacturers such as Bunn®, Newco®, Bloomfield®, Keurig® Starbucks® and bottle-less water coolers from Alpine®. Whether you’re looking for coffee machine for office use with single cup or 12 cup pots, we can accommodate your needs. For more information about our selection of office coffee machines, click on one of our office coffee systems below.

single cup coffee makers

Single Cup Coffee Brewers

Fresh coffee brewed one cup at a time. Choose from the Starbucks® Serenade bean-to-cup brewer, the Bunn® My Cafe Pod brewer, the Keurig® K-cup® brewer or the CX-Touch specialty coffee brewer. Click here to view our single cup brewers and download spec sheets.

thermal coffee makers

Thermal Coffee Brewers

Thermal brewers are available in several configurations and are paired with special thermal servers. Thermal servers are insulated and can keep coffee hot for hours without the need for a hot plate. Click here to view our thermal brewers and download spec sheets.

Traditional Coffee Makers

Traditional Coffee Brewers

Traditional 12 cup glass decanter brewers make a 64 ounce pot of coffee. They typically have 2 or 3 hot plates to keep the brewed coffee hot. These brewers are available with an automatic water fill or manual pour-over fill. Click here to view our traditional brewers and download spec sheets.

Waterlogic bottle free water coolers

Bottle Free Water Coolers

Bottle-less water coolers offer clean, modern designs with advanced cooling technology giving you great tasting chilled water without the 5 gallon bottles. Coolers are plumbed into your water supply and water is filtered for great taste. Click here for more information.

commercial coffee dispensers


We carry many accessories to accommodate your requirements including Airpots, Hot Plates, Newtaps, Thermal Gravity Dispensers and Thermal Carafes. Click here to view coffee brewing accessories.