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​There is nothing quite like a warm cup of coffee in the morning...and in the afternoon. Whether you enjoy your cup of joe once or multiple times per day, it can be difficult to enjoy the taste with so many bitter myths floating around. This guide will debunk the most common misconceptions you might have about coffee. Then you can wander to the office coffee maker guilt-free. After all, there are plenty of health benefits that come with coffee.
Coffee Guy, January 17, 2018
One of the best parts of arriving at work in the morning is the hot cup of coffee at your desk. Whether you are scanning your emails or jumping right into work, this liquid wake up call can jump start your day and provide some comfort. As a business owner or manager, you can provide your employees with a better morning every day by purchasing a quality office coffee maker. This type of coffee service has plenty of benefits, including the following.
Coffee Guy, January 09, 2018
The hotel industry is all about customer service, but the businesses that reach higher will be the ones to stand out. In today's competitive marketplace, there are ways that hotels can innovate new customer service techniques to better accommodate their guests. But these changes do not need to be large scale. From better hotel coffee machines to complimentary wifi, the following are just some of the ways that businesses can improve the guest experience.
Coffee Guy, December 27, 2017
It's undeniable that as a society, we love coffee. For many, the coffee craze is elaborately ritualistic and an essential daily practice. The Food and Drug Administration even says it's a quick shot of energy to the brain, it kicks in quickly and stays around for several hours, working wonders for concentration and mental performance. Plus, it tastes awesome. We're even more spoiled now with the seemingly infinite amount of consumption methods, varieties, and specialty coffee beverages. You can get whatever your heart desires in the world of coffee, but it's safe to say that among coffee drinkers, regular coffee is the most popular, most prevalent style. Iced in the summer, hot in the winter, few things are worked harder than the office coffee maker (aside from baristas).
Coffee Guy, December 18, 2017
​Coffee is a beloved morning, afternoon, and evening treat for people all around the world. Whether you prefer a simple black coffee, cafe con leche, or a caramel macchiato with all the fixings, it wakes you up and keeps you going throughout the day. In fact, 46% of U.S. employees say coffee helps them stay productive throughout the day at work. Not only that, but countless Americans enjoy socializing and making friends over a cup of coffee.
Coffee Guy, November 27, 2017
Office break times are sacred. These precious minutes are a time to clock out, unwind, and of course, sip some coffee. As an employer, it's important to create a break room that will enhance the break experiences of your employees. By doing so, you can enhance your company culture and have more productive employees.
Coffee Guy, November 27, 2017
6 Tips to Help You Make a Better Cup of Coffee
For many people, coffee isn't just a way to get some much-needed energy in the morning. It's something they look forward to and enjoy very much -- especially in the United States, where 54% of people over the age of 18 drink coffee every day. If you're looking for a way to make your coffee even better than it already is, read on.
Coffee Guy, November 20, 2017
​Think back to the last cup of coffee you drank. Why did you drink it? Was it because it was part of your morning routine, or was it because you don't feel human without a good dose of caffeine in the morning? Chances are you probably have answered yes to both of those questions in the past, but did you know that there are plenty of health benefits to drinking coffee as well?
Coffee Guy, November 16, 2017

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